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NAT developes Hydropower projects with the focus on sustainability and environmental friendly use of resources.  

The developement of the projects starts with the PRE-Phase study and from there we conduct a Complete Feasibility Study inclusive Environmental Impact Assesment Study. renewable energy

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NAT offer both On - Grid and Off - Grid Solutions. 

NAT have focus on using sustainability and environmental friendly resources in the development of our projects.


NAT call the solutions RENRAS (Renewable - Resirculation Aquaculture System) and we deliver the most SUSTAINABLE solutions for YOUR Fish Farming needs. 

NAT can deliver complete systems inclusive the energy supply solution engineered to the total needed capasity for your production.

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NAT's services

  1. PRE-Phase study
  2. Feasibility Study
  3. Environmental Assesment Study
  4. Financing services
  5. EPC services
  6. Project Management
  7. Operational services

Coming events

NAT are starting up new very interesting PRE-Phase studies in several locations in Africa:

  • Two Hydropower projects
  • Two Solar Power projects

Social responsibility

We ensure that our projects gives a strong benefit for the local comminities.

NAT ensure that our projects gives a strong benefit for the local communities. 

NAT's focus is to support the development of modern and effecient education and healthcare facilities for the local people.

Current deals

New exciting Hydropower projects under development in Africa.

Strong ROI for partners that are co-investing in our projects!

If you have a location where you want to develop a Energy Project please don`t hesitate to get in touch with us for making an assesment of the potential.


15.11.18: The Feasibility Report for our 7,4 MW Hydropower project in Africa completed.

25.11.18: PRE - Phase Study started on our next Hydropower project. The potential at this location seems to be between 60 - 90 MW. The study will be completed February 2019.


How can NAT assist us in our wish to succeed developing a energy or aquaculture project?

NAT set up the RIGHT PROCESS and the RIGHT TIMELINE for your early stage assessment phase. 

In the Feasibility phase NAT together with partners will coordinate and carry your project forward and deliver the FS report at time and the at the RIGHT PRICE.

For the EPC and Commissioning phase NAT can be in charge:

  • Setting up the SPV structure
  • RFQ / Tender process
  • Supplier qualification and evaluation
  • Investor communication and presentation
  • Project Management

NAT make sure the RIGHT PRICE, QUALITY AND DELIVERY TIME  is choosen. 

Together with our partners NAT can assist in every step of the installation and commissioning of the EPC package.

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